Valentine's Day Gift Guide

by William Sprecher
As a consumer automotive website, we’re all about putting ourselves in our readers’ shoes. But in this case, it’s more like we’re in the hot seat. Do you realize Valentine’s Day is just a few days away? A year-old packet of Candy Hearts (though delicious) and a coupon for a free hug, doesn’t say “I love you" as much as mom told you it did. If you are as lost for ideas as we are, this last minute gift guide might help score some extra points with the SO.

Micro-Tool Super Multi-Pack- $29.99

We are huge fans of pretty much everything on, and this set is probably one of the coolest pieces of kit they sell. The miniature tool set clips onto your key chain and gives you everything from knives to screw drivers to bottle openers, even two LED flashlights. The kit comes with four multi-tools, and with color customization, it’s perfect for either him or her.

TomTom EASE 3.5-Inch Portable GPS- $119.99

Having trouble finding love this Valentine’s Day? It’s cool, TomTom makes it easy to find that bad pun too. It also gives directions, how novel! Surrounded in a very apropos red and white case, the entry-level EASE - with text-to-speech directions - is less than an inch thick and weighs only one pound, making it easy to use both in and outside of the car.

Car Wash – Priceless

We know money is tight these days, and if nothing on this list will fit within your budget hopefully this will. Now let’s be clear, don’t take it your neighborhood car wash or simply spray the car down with a hose. You have to really get in there with the suds and sprays and clean every inch of the car, wheels and interior included. If you’re really looking to impress, you can invest in some wax to give it that extra kick. Sure this is up there with free hugs, except it’s better – because it involves a car.

Forza Motorsport 3- $49.99

It’s the thought that counts right? Not in the case of Forza Motorsport 3 because no other racing game out right now will cut it – at least until Grand Tourismo 5 appears. Forza built up quite a reputation with its pervious two titles and the third installment only continues this trend with over 400 different cars to choose from, all of which can be heavily customized as well as an extensive single player career mode. The game first appeared on our Holiday Video Game Buyer’s Guide and we haven’t stopped playing it since. Craving some alone time? This is definitely the gift that keeps giving.

Valentine One Radar Detector- $399.00

We understand the price is steep, but if you’re constantly hiding your face in your hands every time your significant other tires to talk their way out of a speeding ticket, this gift might just save you further embarrassment (not to mention a license revocation). The V1 can identify multiple signals and directional arrows make avoiding speed traps that much easier, but lets be honest, it says Valentine right in the name, it couldn’t be easier than that.

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